Why Your Funnel Doesn’t Start At The Opt-in



I get it.

We are always taught that a funnel is the opt-in, the thank you page, the sales page, the blah blah blah


Your funnel begins way before that opt-in friend.

As a matter of fact, the stuff that happens before that ever so precious opt-in determines how well the rest of your funnel is going to go.

The ‘stuff’ in question is the information you put out into the world to create awareness.

Blog posts


Live Streams

You name it, if it’s a way for people to learn about you without investing, it’s a way to build that crucial awareness you need.

And it is soooo over-looked and under appreciated by entrepreneurs the world over.

In fact, there are loads of people who, right now, are gearing up to send out an ad to their opt-in without ever putting themselves in front of the cold traffic they are schmoozing right now.

No ads to a blog post, no boosted Facebook Live videos, nada.

Just straight up ads to an opt-in, with ad copy talking about how awesome they are.

And sometimes, that works okay-ish.

I won’t lie to you. You *can* make that technique work.

But you are going to be spending a TON more moolah on those clicks than you will if you were promoting a blog post.

Or that kick butt live you did last week.

Your conversion rates will also be lower.

And…there is a really good chance the traffic you do get, will not be nearly as engaged.

Why even risk all of that?

Higher cost per conversion + less engaged list = less money AND less good you are doing in the world.

There is no reason to dilute all of your efforts by jumping the gun.

And, lets be completely honest and real here for a sec:

The game is changing.

Big time.

People are sick of being sold to on social media left and right.

Who can blame, them??

So, there is a huge dynamic shift in the way ads are being responded to, and thus, the way they are delivered.

Adding relevance and meaning into your potential clients is now more important than ever.

While you’re opt-in may be jam packed with super juicy value, it’s just not enough right now.

You need to give more before you ever get that email. A lot more.

And you need to continue giving that value, daily, for ‘free’ on that Facebook page/Twitter feed/Instagram

People want to feel appreciated and wanted. They also want to feel like they are worth more to you than a sale or an email address.


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