Pinterest Sales Funnel

Pinterest is an amazing platform.

I mean, seriously, raise your hand if you’ve gone on there to get a ‘quick idea’ and realize 6 hours later, you’re still pinning?

Now, put your hand down because I really can’t see you and my arm is getting tired.

Anywho, Pinterest is a huge platform, and drives an insane amount of traffic to your site.

But it’s surprisingly under-utilized by those working online.

80% of pins, are re-pins. Which means only 20% of the stuff on that site is new.

Which means new stuff isn’t being added often.

That also means, whatever you DO add, is going to get seen.

Because with that little new content being added daily, it’s a no-brainer.

So, let’s get going with using Pinterest in our marketing efforts, shall we?


So first things first, you need to set up a Pinterest business account AND get it branded.

(I go into more detail about that here and give you a free branding package download)

Basically, to get your account branded you need to have all of your board covers match your branding style.

Honestly, once you get going, it isn’t too hard. Pin the branded board image, and hit ‘set as cover’ and viola, you have a branded board.

Keeping a cohesive branded Pinterest profile will seriously set you apart from everyone else. It gives a professional, polished look.

Pinterest Branded Boards

See how that looks slightly more professional and cohesive than just a bunch of random pictures set as the covers?

That is what you want.

THAT is what will get people to stop and take a look at what else you may have hidden in those glorious boards.

So, now that we know how to get on Pinterest and that we need to have some branded boards, let’s talk about getting seen.


So, earlier I mentioned that 80% of all Pins on Pinterest are re-pins.

That stat means one thing:

There is no oversaturation of information on Pinterest.

In fact, there isn’t ENOUGH new information added daily.

That’s right. You heard me. While it may seem Pinterest is an endless treasure trove of info, the truth is, it’s seriously lacking in the ‘new information added’ department.

People tend to use it more like a search engine.

Which, is fantastic for you!

Because so many people are on Pinterest just searching, finding, and pinning.

And you, my amazing friend, are on there ADDING info.

Adding the information those searchers will find.

You are all but guaranteeing that your information will be found when added on Pinterest.

Because there is such a lack of new info.

So, all that is left is to ADD it.

And they will come.

So, first, you need to actually have information to add. I know that probably seems like a no brainer, but some people just honestly have no site, no posts, no nothing (I hate double negatives, but it flowed, sooo…)

But getting all of that valuable information you have in your head out in the form of a blog post/opt-in is going to be crucial to your Pinterest game.

As is adding pretty images to your content.

Take the image above.

It’s eye-catching, pretty, and the text describes EXACTLY what this piece of info is about.

That is the type of image that does well on Pinterest.

So do images like:


That one and


This one.

See where I’m going with this?

Add a pretty image with text that will tell people what they are getting.

Now, as far as the type of content you are sending them to?

Vary it a bit.

For some pins, send the reader to a blog post.

Some piece of valuable content you are giving away without asking for an email address.

The average adult gets over 140 emails per day, and people are less likely to just hand over their email address to just anyone.

Send them to blog posts.

This should actually make up the majority of your pins.

The next thing you should pin?


Opt-ins are awesome when coupled with stellar images.

While, yes, the typical adult is more leery to give away their email address, if you have some AWESOME, can’t miss, gotta have it, content, then you are fairly likely to get an email address from that person.

Final piece of content you should post:

Evergreen products.

These are not your typical ‘twice a year’ group program pieces of content.

These products will be your tried and true e-courses, membership sites, etc.

Products that if you pin now, you are selling now, but also if someone stumbles upon a re-pin of it in 3 months, they can still purchase it.

Evergreen products do better on Pinterest because more often than not, when someone sees a pin for a product/service they can BUY, and they want it, they are more likely to buy it right then and there.

If they have to ‘join a waiting list’, you may miss that sale.


So, you are going to want to stick to a ‘schedule’ of sorts with Pinterest.

Especially because it’s super easy to hop on there, get lost in a DIY time suck, and 6 hours later, your kids want dinner. And you’ve spent so much time pinning healthy recipes that you have to order pizza because its 8 pm.


Anyway, we don’t want that happen.

Nor do we want to overwhelm your followers.

So, schedule it is! (PS you can totally use your PERSONAL pinterest for pinning binges)

You should be pinning 3-5 times per day.

That’s about it.

Spend AT MOST 20 minutes on your professional profile per day.

And you don’t want that to all be your content.

It’s good to add in curated content that matches your brand style/niche as well.

I like to keep to a 2:1 rule.

I pin 2 pieces of curated content for every one piece of my own content that I post.

It keeps my feed up.

Keeps my boards stocked.

AND keeps my brand from being overwhelming.

Besides, there are many times where someone will find your board because of that repin, decide to take a look around, and follow your entire board, or profile, because of it.

Solid way to add followers. And top off a not so full board.


Basically, when it comes to Pinterest, the name of the game is to get your content on the site.

And get it on the site with pretty images.

While you have a branded profile.

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