MMA and Your Product Delivery

MMA is gaining a ton of popular ground here lately. So much so, that they are increasing the prices of their PPV events like mad and still getting views.

Which is 100% not what I’m going to talk about right now.

I’m here to talk about Rousey, or rather, why you don’t want to be like her.

Not that she’s bad or anything, obviously she’s had a ton of success in her career and even after her past two loses, she can still command an audience.

No, what I’m saying is Rousey was notorious for getting the KO on her opponent early on in the fight.

Sometimes, just 10 seconds in.

Remember Drowsy for Rousey?

Yeah. Killer. And crazy.

But the second she got into a ring with a fighter that was able to get her going for more than one round?

It was game over.

She didn’t have the stamina to keep up and it was lights out.

That’s how so many internet marketers are playing the game today.

Heading in for the quick knock out (i.e. trying to sell a big ticket item on the first touch)

Instead of playing it slow and steady.

Take your time.

Don’t go for the hardest hit in the first round.

Give value daily.

Give something each and every time you connect that is real and powerful.

Be in it for the long haul.

Be in it to win.

Not just for yourself, but for those who rely on your as well.

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