How To Properly Find a Funnel That Is Working Like Crazy and Hack it For Your Own Business


 How to properly find a sales funnel and hack it for your own business

There are so many people out there who talk about ‘well I saw this person doing this in their funnel, so I’m going to do it now’

And while that can sometimes work, usually person 2 ends up frustrated, annoyed, and with a ‘broken funnel’

So let’s stop that nonsense, shall we?

Now, I’m not saying hacking a funnel doesn’t work

It absolutely does!

What I am saying, though, is that you need to do it properly to ensure that your funnel will actually work.

“But, Megan. What is the proper way to hack a funnel?”

Glad you asked, random internet person! I have some answers!


Do a bit of due diligence and thoroughly check out the person and their product.

This is super easy for funnels like membership sites where there is an ‘exclusive Facebook group’

You can easily search Facebook for the membership group and if it’s viewable, viola. You can get a rough idea of how many active members are in there.

Speaking of Facebook groups, nearly every entrepreneur that has a Facebook page, and an ad that platform, has a free group they like to herd people into.

Hop in there, even if you don’t plan on staying.

Search the group for people mentioning the product you intend to hack the funnel for.

Are there lots of people buying? Good reviews of it? People talking it up? Or do you get a whole bunch of ‘results not found’?

That right there will tell you if it’s selling.

If it’s not selling, and you can’t find proof, it’s probably not a funnel to hack. Even if it looks super cool.

You Need to Use the Idea of the Funnel, Not the Whole Thing

So, when lots of people first begin hacking other funnels, they legit think it’s ok to just walk up, copy the funnel page for page and go.

And…no. That’s…that’s not how this works.

Generally, whoever you are getting the funnel from initially, put a ton of hard work, time, effort, and money into generating this funnel.

It’s not only unethical to just ‘take’ it, but it’s also illegal.

Using their copy, their verbiage etc, can get you into a world of trouble that you are just not going to want to be in.

Plus, their exact funnel just wont work for your product, because it was designed specifically for their product.

The goal with ‘hacking a funnel’ is not to swoop in and copy everything you see.

The goal is to get ideas that you can then implement in your own business.

That super cool membership funnel you saw that let you buy individual pieces of the membership site and then had an upsell for then entire membership platform? Go ahead and do that for your membership funnel!

Did you see a really cool free plus shipping offer that upsold a super juicy OTO? Then do that, if it works for the products you sell.


That is the point of digging into someone else’s funnel.

Not copying.


Rarely, if ever, does a funnel convert like crazy right out of the gate.

Even if it is ‘hacked’ from a top notch player.

It takes a while for these things to begin working, and it takes some tweaking to get it working at it’s best

Don’t walk into a picked up funnel expecting it to convert like mad day 1, then give up after a week

Tweak it, like disussed

Massage that baby, let it marinate, and it will, with some patience, start showing some returns.


That’s a lot of info. But really, it’s just what needs to happen in your business while you’re hacking away at all of these funnels

It really is possible to see tremendous growth in your business by utilizing the tools and strategies given by others.

Just use them wisely, and you will see success.

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