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So that up there is me. My name is Megan and this is blog is all about my journey through parenting. This is a place for honesty, tears, laughs, and quite a few ‘ohhh my God I do this too!’ moments. I think it’s time mommies stop judging each other and start embracing each other. While I practice breastfeeding, natural and attachment parenting, and am an advocate of being home as much as possible, I embrace all forms of parenting.

I’m a 26 year old single mother, so this is the viewpoint I take with my posts. I have two sweet little boys which you will meet below. I currently work at home doing a wide variety of whatever pays the bills on the internet. It’s not glamorous by any means, but I get to spend as much time with my babies as possible, and that’s really all that matters to me.

Mommy and Aaron

Easter 2013


Meet thing one. This is Aaron, and that picture pretty much sums up his entire personality. He is into anything fun, dirty, loud, and messy. He runs from sun up to sun down and doesn’t slow down until I wrestle him into bed with every ounce of strength I can muster. He will be 5 years old September 30th 2013. His favorite things are watching his cousin Colton ‘make people eat dirt’ during a football tackle, swinging, learning how to read and write, and letting his baby brother kick him. All in all, he’s pretty much the most awesome kid you could ever meet.

Photo on 9-14-13 at 5.45 PM

September 2013

That happy little bundle of squishy cuteness is Caige. He’s absolutely the happiest baby I’ve ever met. I pretty much love that. One of the cool things about being an only parent is I get to pick the names out myself, which means this one got his name from my favorite Mortal Kombat character. And that kinda sorta fits him to a T. He’s happy, squishy, funny, loving, and the best baby that has ever walked the face of the planet. I can bet you that.


There you go. That’s us. In all of our glory. I love us. And you should to. Stick around for all the fun to come!



Megan Anthony is a full-time work at home mommy. We practice Positive Parenting Solutions, and love to discuss the information that we've learned.

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