5 Tips For Using Facebook Groups To Grow Your Online Business

Facebook groups CAN be super powerful when it comes to growing your business!

They can also suck the life right out of you and not do much but cause a headache.

The direction of your group is up to you.

Let’s assume though, that you want your group to be a powerful force for good and to really propel not only your business forward, but to be a great, engaged, and happy community that really empowers others.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Build engagement by asking questions. BUT! Make sure some of those are fun questions. Things like:

    1. Where is everyone from?

    2. What is your intention for the week ahead?

    3. What are you craving right now?

These are questions that will get some conversation flowing, and aren’t too hard to answer/not too prying. 2

2. Give value. I mean, this kind of goes without saying. Giving value is crucial to building your group. Stuff in there should feel exclusive. You are always giving out value, obviously, but those in the group should get it first/get to choose topics/something that rewards them for being loyal. Speaking of rewards

3. Group members getting first dibs on special pricing, members only sales, members only freebies, etc is awesome. I know for me, personally, many times when I announce a package that I’m launching, I’ll often sell out of it just from my group members alone before I post it anywhere else, and they get a special price for the package. Because they are my tribe and I want them to know that I care. Speaking of members only stuff

4. Have an ‘opt-in’ just for your group. We give a lead magnet for those who join our e-mail list. As a way of saying ‘thank you’ for giving us time and space in their inbox. Do the same thing for those who are giving you time and space in their Facebook newsfeed. Create a members-only PDF or video that goes in the files section as a welcome gift for those who join.

5. Facebook live. Man I can’t tell you how great this tool is for your groups. Really and truly, it is. By hopping in your group and doing exclusive Facebook Lives that are full of awesome, juicy content, or heck even whole webinars is awesome for your group! It shows that you not only are a thought leader, which is why they wanted to join in the first place, but that you are GENEROUS with those thoughts and want them to succeed.

Basically, I can sum up this list by saying lead by example. If you are constantly asking questions, creating thought provoking posts, and giving value, your members will do the same. Consequently, if you are constantly posting ‘sales’ posts, spamming your members, and not engaging, your members will do the same.

You lead the tone of the group. Also, keep in mind, that you are going to have to work for quite a while to see some real headway in the group. Right now, my group has a few hundred members and I’m in there every single day, but I’m still the one posting the majority of the time. And that’s ok. Why? Because I’m getting great feedback, I’m giving members what they want, and I’m genuinely seeing a return on that time I spend in there.

Your group is what you make of it. So go make it flippin’ awesome!

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