3 Reasons Self Study Courses Can Sky Rocket Your Business

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Self-study is ROCKING it these days on the coaching front. Seriously, take a look around at all of the ‘big’ names in the industry, and you will notice that nearly all of them have some sort of self-study/membership site option for their services. So, how can adding self-study options really ramp up your business? Like so:

  1. Residual income: Hello best reason ever to have your self-study options on point. This is an ah-mazing way to get some residual income walking in your bank account. Think about it. You set up that course, put it on your site for sale, pop up some Facebook ads and viola, residual income. You aren’t constantly doing the promotion yourself. Your not constantly pulling out all of the stops to get yourself seen and hear. You are sitting back and waiting for the PayPal notification on your phone to ding.
  2. Grab ‘on-the-go’ clients: So, people are busy these days. Like, super busy. Everyone is always on the go and running around and doing what they can to get ahead. By catering to that busy crowd by giving them a way to learn from you on the go, you are really able to expand your current customer base
  3. Warm leads: Often times, self study is much cheaper than a typical 1:1 or even group coaching package. Which means that people can invest in you at a lower price point. However, once someone invests something in you, they have more of a reason to open your emails, to read what you have to say, and to invest in you more. So, you can use that list of people who purchase your lower priced services as a sweet warm lead list for your higher priced packages.


Self-study can really bring you some amazing strides in your business. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t need to be hard. Have questions? Let’s chat! I’d LOVE to work with you on creating some self study courses (and thus some residual income). Book a call HEREĀ 

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