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So we decided to bake bread together the other day after I found a bread in a bag recipe. I’ve always wanted to get the boys involved in the kitchen, because I think it is very important for them to realize:

1) what cooking/baking actually is

2) HOW to cook something other than just instant noodles when they are on their own

3) That while it may take time, it’s worth it to see the end result

And let me tell you what, it was absolutely worth it in every way.

Because of the simplicity of doing the bread in a gallon sized bag, each boy was able to help and make their own loaf of bread. They absolutely loved it, and they were very proud of what they accomplished.

Thing 2, who is two, was even able to get in on all of the action by squishing, mushing, and flopping around his bag full of bread dough. He thought he was hot stuff and really enjoyed helping me put his bread dough in the loaf pan.

Thing 1, who is six, loved learning all about the bread and what was happening with the yeast. We were able to take some time and watch it all bubble up as the yeast was activating, and he tried counting all of the bubbles as they would pop up. We also had a great math lesson as he counted the cups of flour and other ingredients as they went in to each bag.

They both enjoyed watching everything go from a pile of various ingredients and just ‘stuff’, and morph into some awesome, sticky, bread dough. They both got a kick out of piling the dough into the loaf pan, and coming back a bit later to see how HUGE it had become. It was like magic for them.

The best part was taking the bread out of the oven, and letting them have a slice of still warm bread with melted butter on top. The look on their faces knowing that this was bread THEY had made, was totally awesome.

Overall, it was a fantastic little experience, one which we will have great memories of forever. As a matter of fact, we have since decided that we like our bread better than the bread we have been buying at the store. So now, they request to make a few loaves a week so they can have this bread for their sandwiches and other snacks.

We spend so much time focused on teaching our children things like shapes, numbers, and how to read, that we really do sometimes neglect science. And this is a fantastic way for us to not only spend some time in the kitchen together, but also learn some science as well.

We are going to try to find some more kid friendly recipes and things to do in the kitchen together, so we can all get our ‘cook’ on, and learn some great new things in the process.



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