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So, my new absolute favorite thing to do, is sew. Honest to goodness, I’m really enjoying sitting down with some beautiful fabric and making my boys, and sometimes myself, something great to wear. There is no other feeling like it.

I came across this love by first buying from some work at home moms. I really loved the stuff they made, and I enjoyed getting a custom order that fit by babies just perfect and really showed their personality.

So I started asking around and found where they were getting their fabrics. What I unearthed was a whole community of dozens of Facebook groups just of other work at home moms printing some custom fabric! It all looked so insanely beautiful, and I was hooked before my first order came in.

So I began to order more. And then I ordered a bit more. And now I have hundreds of yards of fabric and I have to have like 3 floor to ceiling bookshelves just to hold it all.

That’s when I decided ‘you know, I should probably buy a pattern or two and learn to sew this up’. So I did. I knew I wanted to make clothes for my kids, so naturally I decided to look for kids patterns.

Thankfully, the women in the fabric groups just so happened to love certain pattern groups. And those pattern groups worked closely with the fabric groups so their patterns would work perfectly with said fabric types, so it was extremely easy to find some patterns for both myself and the boys.

This is the first thing I ever sewed. A Brindille and Twig Raglan. It was for my two year old and he absolutely loves it. Wears it constantly and is super proud of it, even though mommy didn’t do the best job on it.

I can officially say that sewing is my new best friend.



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