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So, this year I decided I wanted to be healthier. I wasn’t going to drink soda. I was going to eat clean. I was going to eat nearly every meal home cooked, with the occasional night out splurge. I was going to do it right. THEN life happened. So lets take a look at the past few days shall we?:

I drank 1 can of coke per day. AWESOME

I ate fried chicken wings covered in a terrible horrible bad for you sauce that tastes oh so good

I ate spinach and artichoke dip that came from a freezer package made out of God knows what

I ate an entire package each of bosco sticks and mozzarella sticks. Why? Because. That’s why.

I totally just jumped straight off of my ‘let’s get healthy’ bandwagon. And I can’t figure out why. What happened as a result? Well let me just tell you:

I’m tired. I have been tired since I stopped eating healthy

I hurt. All of my back muscles ache and I have a terrible stomach ache.

I have a horrible headache and I can’t concentrate. Which is bad for a work at home mom.

Oh, and I gained 10 lbs. Yup. 10 pounds over the past week and a half. So there’s that then.

What am I going to do about it? Realize that no matter what, if I want to be able to chase my kids around, be healthy, and feel decent about myself, I need to get real. I need to stop making excuses. 



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