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I regret circumcising my sons.

Caige and Aaron

Caige and Aaron

There. I said it. No mother ever wants to admit that they did something ‘wrong’ or that they made a misinformed decision when it comes to their children. But, I did. I made the wrong choice when I circumcised my children and I regret that. If I could go back and change what I did, I would. But I can’t. All because I was told by my doctor that ‘It’s common. Everyone does it. It’s better that way’. And I stupidly never asked ‘why?’

I regret my decision for a wide variety of reasons. Mainly, there was no reason, medically, for the procedure to be done. On either of them. There was nothing wrong with their foreskin. NOTHING. And the act of circumcising a child is genital mutilation. Pure and simple.

And sadly, that is the issue with every single newborn circumcision. None. I have listed a few of the ‘reasons’ why people get the foreskin cut off:

1) It’s not retractable at birth—-which is a terrible reason. The foreskin is NOT supposed to be retractable. At all. It’s normal for it to not be retractable till 3-5 years of age.

2) Tradition, the father was cut so he will be too—–really? How often do you all sit around comparing penises? Is that like a guy thing I don’t know about?

3) It helps prevent UTI’s in the first year of life—-a UTI is not life threatening. It’s treated with antibiotics. It’s also preventable with proper hygiene. And you can still get it if you’re circumcised. So….there’s that then.

4) It prevents HIV and other STD’s later on in life—-Ok first of all, those studies were done primarily on men from Africa. And there were issues found with a few of those studies. Primarily, the low number of participants. And, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not, but condoms also help prevent the same issues. I’m just saying.

5) Hygiene—-this kinda falls in line with 3&4 but it’s not that hard to wash with soap and water. And, when the foreskin is retractable, retract it and wash. Just. Wash.

But let’s think about what circumcision is. You are REMOVING, surgically, a piece of another human beings body, without their consent, for your own personal reasons, none of which are medically necessary. None. Whatsoever.

Here’s what really get’s me though. Is it’s totally fine for this to be done to a male, but if the same part is removed on a female, it’s ok to call it mutilation. Why is there a double standard? Why is it ok for a baby boy to have his penis cut as a brand new baby boy with no consideration?

Males can get cut later on in life if they want. It’s perfectly fine for that to happen. If they want cut, so they can look like their friends (because penis envy?) then so be it. Cut away. But why do it to a newborn baby?

I made that mistake. I did that to MY CHILDREN. Can you understand how heartbreaking that is to me that I now can look at my sweet tiny innocent babies and realize that I willingly let them be mutilated for literally ZERO reason?

And, the worst part, was that my first son has had issues with it. His circumcision was done wrong. But no one ever really tells you what happens when a circ goes wrong do they? Let me tell you what, it’s awful. His foreskin was removed but not enough of it was taken off, and it fused back on, but in an incorrect way. Which caused an infection. So, when we were back in the office one day, they had to manually, with a gloved finger, retract his foreskin. Because it was fusing over in a way that was not allowing him to use the bathroom properly. And he SCREAMED in pain. I mean SCREAMED. I never want to go through that again. And his little penis is still slightly deformed. And all of this is for no reason. All of the pain, the suffering, the anguish…is for nothing. No medical reason whatsoever. Because I was told by my doctor ‘it’s common. Everyone does it. It’s better’…now after reading this, please, tell me, HOW is this better? How is cutting off a part of a baby, that is fine, normal, and healthy, BETTER?!? Leave me a comment. I want to know what do YOU think?





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