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Low milk supply is actually very, very uncommon. It rarely happens, even though there are many women who are convinced that they are not producing enough milk and that their baby is just not getting enough. You don’t need to worry about having a low milk supply as long as your baby is having enough wet/dirty diapers and seems to be gaining weight/growing. It is very normal for the baby to initially lose weight after birth and for the first week or two out of the hospital. Don’t concern yourself with that. The best ways to make sure you are producing, and giving, enough milk are:

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1) Breastfeed often. Don’t look at a clock to tell you when it’s time to nurse. Let your baby tell you when he/she is hungry and when to stop. Even if it’s only been a half an hour, if they are showing hungry cues, latch on.

2) Make sure baby is latched on properly and feeding well at each feeding. A deep proper latch is the best way to ensure baby is eating enough.

3) Offer both sides at each feeding. Keep the baby on one side until he/she stops eating, then move to the other side. This gives both sides stimulation during a feed and will trigger both breasts to produce milk.

4) Avoid foods, cereals and formula. This will absolutely cause less interest in the breast milk. If you do have to give a supplement of some kind, avoid giving it in a bottle. Use a dropper, spoon, something like that. Also, keep in mind baby does not need solids until they are at least 6 months of age.

5) Limit pacifier use. Sometimes baby is just getting hungry and the pacifier can calm the sucking urge, but will cause you to lose good stimulation time.

6) Pumping and certain supplements, such as fenugreek and oats, have been known to increase breastmilk supply as well. 

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