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So, GMOs are a pretty hot topic these days. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about them, and heard the name Monsanto all over social media as well as traditional news outlets. But do you really know what it means? Let’s break this down:

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. This means that the food has been modified to either produce faster or keep pests away. GMO containing foods are also called GE or genetically engineered. Same principle.

The majority of all crops in the United States contain GMOs. That means even if you grab a nice ear of corn fresh from a produce stand, it probably contains GMOs and you don’t even know it. And I kinda don’t like that fact.

Even those who aren’t super health food conscious generally like to know what substances are going in their body. Odds are many of you have read a food label at least once in your life to see what ingredients are in there before you pop it down your gull. And that’s a really good idea. But the problem is, if it contains a GMO, there is no regulation stating that the label has to say so.

That means that unless it says ORGANIC or NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED, it absolutely contains GMOs. Even those foods with those labels cannot guarantee there are no GMOs, because the possibility of cross pollination makes that impossible.

As of right now, there is a grand total of 64 other countries that MANDATE GMO LABELING. That makes the US very far behind as far as that goes. If all of these other countries not only mandate the labeling of GMOs with some banning their use, don’t you think maybe we should take a look into it as well?  That is what issue 522 is for in Washington. To mandate the labeling of GMO foods in that state.

Now you have the chance to do help and learn more. Join us for our #Yeson522 Twitter party TONIGHT 10/17 at 6pm-7:30pm PST/9pm-10:30pm EST with the hashtag #Yeson522.

You can look up tons more info on the importance of GMO labeling at the Yes on 522 site.