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SO! I always make these huge workout goals for myself like ‘I’m totally going to work out like everyday this week and then get super fit and hot’….then my alarm goes off at 6 am to workout out, a horrible moan escapes my body like someone just died, and then I hit the reset button for it to go off in an hour and the cycle continues.
I have no accountability for it. I’m only accountable for myself. So, when the MyfitU opportunity came my way, I jumped on it. I NEED a friend (or a few thousand, however many read this blog) to hold me accountable so I actually do what needs to be done. I’ve got to lose a little over 20 lbs to be back to my high school self and be able to run around after my two kids. The benefits to a membership to this site is AMAZING. Here is a run down of what MyFitU is all about, taken directly from the site:
Daniel Meng, fitness trainer to the country stars, including Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, Jay DeMarcus of RascalFlatts, up-and-comers Krystal Keith and Patrik Wayne and many more has created a fitness program called is used by his celebrity clients when they are on the road to keep them in shape. The program acts as a personal trainer, healthful eating mentor and weight loss coach all in one. And all inquiries are handled by Daniel Meng directly. is designed for the everyday woman or man (affordable, simple and convenient), and is just like having Daniel as your own personal trainer right by your side 24/7.”
  They aren’t overplaying this site. At all. I’ve included some screen caps of what you can expect when you log in!
Lets take a look shall we?:
This is what it looks like when you log in every day:

So, you can see that it’s not just ‘do this workout, eat this apple and good luck’….they take into account your stress level, the amount of sleep you get…etc. It’s pretty amazing

From there you can go look at your profile

And what workouts you have coming up 

 Get some awesome looking recipes (fyi you get a personalized meal plan based on how many calories you eat and goals, that you can download, which includes shopping lists, recipes, etc)

 Get educated on the latest and greatest in the fitness realm

 And last, but definitely not least, take a look at all of your personal settings, which are easily changeable.

So, now that you have taken a look, and heard what I have to say….who wants to join?? is being SUPER generous and is offering one of you the opportunity to win a FREE year membership! 

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