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I forgot to do my Mamavation Monday post this week!

The past 2 weeks I didn’t work out at ALL. First the boys were sick for a week and then I was sick for a week…so nothin. I ran maybe twice. This week I decided to switch things up a bit and go back to Bodypump at the gym. Bodypump builds my leg muscles so that my running times improve dramatically…I love it. I went both Monday and Wednesday and honestly haven’t eaten all that well….pizza for dinner one night and leftover pizza the next night (lunches were eggs, so I guess it all balanced out..). So far I’m down 2 lbs this week. This brings my grand weight loss total to 66 lbs since July. Woohoo! 4 lbs to go until my initial goal of 130, 14 lbs to my second goal of 120. I am SO CLOSE to not being “overweight” according to my BMI. Liike…. point 3 away. I can’t wait to hit that goal.

I still stand firm on my opinion that eating out is the number 1 weight loss detriment for busy moms. You just CANNOT eat fast food during the week and lose weight. Sit down restaurants are just as bad, probably worse, because they keep refilling your glass.The weeks we eat out are the weeks that the scale doesn’t budge, no matter how many miles I run.

Looking back on this journey I also think people give up too easily. I hate to hear people say, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING!” as they order chinese takeout and run through Bojangles for breakfast and lunch (which I have done!) because they’ve given up. You cannot give up! It’s going to take more than a month, more than a couple of months..maybe even more than a year to lose the weight. It might take a month or more before you even START to see weight loss…but the keys are being consistent and sticking it out. I know everyone says 1-2 lbs per week is ideal, but maybe it’ll take you longer. My weight loss hasn’t been ANYTHING like what people said it would be like. “Oh you can lose 2 bs a week EASILY!” nope. Not me. Some weeks I worked my butt off and lost 1 lb…it sucks! But it WILL HAPPEN if you don’t give up. And not only will you be thinner..but you’ll be healthier.

I lost the majority of my 66 lbs between 5-7 months AFTER I STARTED WORKING OUT 5 DAYS A WEEK. There were weeks where I gave up and decided it just wasn’t working…and then I looked in the mirror and realized that the time was going to pass whether or not I worked out. A year would come in 365 days..would I still be obese when that year came, or would I give it 110% and better myself? I’m so glad that in July I will look back and know that I didn’t waste a year wallowing in my fat girl self-pity, stuffing my face because I “tried everything and it just didn’t work so why bother?” There were times when I told myself that I was doing everything I could and I wasn’t losing weight? I’m so glad I didn’t give up those times (at least not for more than a couple of days :) ).  I’ve never heard of anyone regretting sticking to a healthy diet and working out 3-5 days per week for a few months.

A wonderful friend (HEY KAT DIABLO!) once told me, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!” She is so right! I’m by no means “skinny” but I’m starting to be able to wear clothes that are bought at normal stores, not the plus size stores, which opens up a whole world of possibilities (and shrinks my bank account, hah). I was shopping at Express for a Valentine’s Day dress and I had a couple of dresses in my hand. A store manager walked up and asked me if he could help me find anything and then offered to take my dresses to the fitting room for me. He looked at them and asked, “Why are you walking around with this size? You don’t wear this size (large). You are SO a small or medium.” I laughed and laughed and humored him by trying on some mediums. Fit like a GLOVE, and I cried. Like an idiot. Standing in the giant fitting room with my kids in my giant boat stroller, blubbering to my 2 year old about how mommy fits in her old size now. (He didn’t care, for the record, haha).  I’m not telling this story to brag, I’m telling it because I have worked SO DAMN HARD. Months and months and months of sweat and pain and expensive whole foods and a permanently messy kitchen because we cook so much more often, and packing up 2 kids (one that doesn’t listen for anything and usually ends up potato sacked over my shoulder through the gym parking lot) every day to go to the gym, and sometimes getting no sleep because the only time I have to go to the gym is 5:00AM, and only seeing my husband for 2-3 hours a day if I leave for the gym when he gets home….all of it is paying off. None of this weight fell off..I earned every pound. It may be 9 months later..but it’s happening.




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