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As most of you know, I’m only 5’0. I have 2 little boys, both of which weighed over 8 lbs at birth (one was 9.5!) and both were near 23 inches long. I was HUGE when I was pregnant with both of them. With Noah I never got a SINGLE stretch mark. Not a single one. When I was 35 weeks pregnant with Peyton that all changed and I have a few tiger stripes now ūüėČ

Needless to say, my stomach is not looking up to par anymore. It’s actually kind of a hot mess. I have 2 issues: Diastasis recti (which I can do nothing about right now) and some extra skin. Not a lot of skin, but just a thin little bit. When I got the opportunity to try an It Works! wrap from one of my high school friends who is now a consultant, I jumped at the chance. I’m willing to try anything to shrink this belly and tighten up some of this skin!

Here is a description of the wrap from It Works!: “The¬†

Ultimate Body Applicator is a site-specific body wrap 

designed for abs, back, legs, arms and chin area. The

 wrap is made of a non-woven cloth, and is an easy, 

powerful, one-step application formula to help you

 lose inches, tighten and tone, and improves skin 

texture for younger looking skin. It has a safe 

preservative system without formaldehyde releasers. 

Made with all natural herbs and is approved in the 

United States, Japan, and Europe.”

To start, I drank a crap ton of water. I showered and dried off and wrapped the wrap around my middle, then wrapped plastic wrap around the wrap to keep it in place. I basically just hung out on the computer chugging water for an hour. You don’t have to keep it on for an hour, but I was told it was okay to. I got nervous when I initially put the wrap on because it had an icy-hot feeling to it. It was a cold tingling feeling. It wore off as the hour went on, though, so I suppose it was supposed to feel like that.

When my hour was up I took the wrap off and rubbed in the lotion that was left over. I measured immediately and lost a total of 1 inch between hips, belly, and waist. My results stayed the same through the next 3 days, but for some the results can continue to build over 72 hours.

You can enter to win an It Works! wrap to try from my friend Lindsay at Natural, Healthy You!

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