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Hi friends! I miss interacting with people….but I’m not gonna lie, I really don’t miss Facebook! :) haha. I am getting SO much more done than I did before I gave it up. When I sit down to do homework I can finish in an hour or less, compared to the 3 or so hours it used to take me to get the same work done because I was distracted on Facebook. The other night I sat down to do work and when I got done I assumed it was 12:30, the usual time it is when I finally get my work done…no. 10:00. HAH. So, needless to say, grad school has become 100x more manageable without the distraction of Facebook and I get a lot more accomplished (which means a lot more sleep for me!).

I’m also spending my time doing things that are self-improving, like catching up on current events and reading for leisure. I’m currently reading “The Story,” ¬†which is basically the Bible in novel form and have been spending a chunk of my free time on CNN and MSNBC reading about current events. Sure beats getting current event information from other people’s Facebook status’ (usually full of half-truths and fabrications anyway).

The hardest part about not being on Facebook is having no way to get ahold of anybody. I have had 3 people email me to chat or ask me questions because they couldn’t Facebook me. Other than that I haven’t heard from anybody at all. It’s okay though, because the people that did contact me actually set up playdates with the babies and I, so it seems that I’ve swapped a lot of online friendships for a few good offline ones :) Part of my hope for this little project was that it would lead to more offline face time with friends, so I’m happy about that. I do miss everyone, though.

We had a great Valentine’s Day. Phil and I got all dressed up and he took me to Cimarron for dinner. We had this grand idea to go to Johnny and June’s for a drink after dinner (we’ve never been), but we got there and they wouldn’t let Phil in! They said they had a “male review” going on and that men weren’t allowed in the club until it was over. Pretty ridiculous rule if you ask me…not only did they miss out on our $10 cover into the club, but also drink costs. Oh well! We are in love with this little hole in the wall called Burke Street Pub. It’s a private bar and there is never anybody in there (we’ve only ever been 3 times). We don’t go for the social aspect, though. They have cornhole sets, ping pong sets, and darts. And because we go so early (we’ve only ever stopped in for a drink after dinner and are usually home by 9:30…long before the cool people come out!) we get it all to ourselves. We play some seriously competitive ping pong, usually forget about the beer that we ordered and sat on a table, and then head home to put our kiddos in bed :) We’re so cool. hah.

*I almost forgot to mention…still NO nickel! :(

Here are a few picture updates from the past week!

Flowers from my sweet husband <3

Noah putting my makeup on his brother.Hah.

Noah at the Valentine’s Day program at the library




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