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Hey friends! This week we’re going to keep right on trucking through our cloth diaper installment with a blogpost about pocket diapers. Pocket diapers are a specific type of cloth diaper and are actually my favorite cloth diaper to use.

                                                                The Nitty Gritty
       Pocket diapers either come in SNAPS that snap them closed or VELCRO that you velcro closed (is that even a verb?). We prefer SNAPS because my toddler would just undo velcro and can’t even come close to undoing the snaps on his. Some people prefer velcro to get a more snug fit. 
       Pocket diapers can come as ONE SIZE diapers, that is, they are designed to fit from birth-potty training…or you can buy SIZED pocket diapers. Some people say that they get a better fit on their baby by buying sized diapers (newborn, small, medium, or large sizes). One size diapers have a variety of snaps on them that allow you to snap them down to make them smaller to fit smaller babies, or undo the snaps to fit bigger kids. We have ALWAYS used one size diapers (way more cost effective to buy just once) and have never really had a fit problem. When my babies were newborns we used disposable diapers, because it is REALLY hard to get a good fit on a newborn with a one size pocket diaper. They make newborn sized pocket diapers, but newborns go through a LOT of diapers and we just couldn’t justify the cost of a whole set of newborn diapers that we’d only use for 2 months. BUT, a lot of people go the route of buying NB pocket diapers and then selling them, then buying one size diapers.

        Pocket diapers are made up of TWO parts. There is the SHELL. The shell is what you’re actually seeing when you look at a pocket diaper on a baby. In addition to the SHELL, there is the INSERT. You do not actually see the insert. It is inserted into the POCKET of the POCKET DIAPER. Check out these pictures for clarification:
                                               This is a one size  pocket diaper with snaps
This is the inside of a pocket diaper. It’s made of fleece that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. You can see the opening at the bottom of the diaper…this is the POCKET :) The thing on the left is the diaper’s insert.It’s made of absorbant microfiber. You can get inserts made out of other things, like hemp, that are slightly more absorbant.

To use the pocket diaper, you just stick the insert into the pocket and stuff it all the way in. New pocket diapers normally come with inserts that fit that specific diaper. Inserts have snaps on them so that you can snap them down to make them shorter or longer.(Basically if you use the diaper on a small baby and have the diaper snapped down to a small size, you want to make the insert shorter)

Ta Da! Put that bad boy on the baby and wait for the magic to happen. And by magic, I mean poop. 😉
When washing pocket diapers, you wash both the INSERT AND THE SHELL. You just pull the insert out of the shell and throw both in the washing machine. Easy Peasy.
I hope this was slightly helpful for those of you that are trying to navigate cloth diapering but are confused by the terminology. This is only one type of cloth diaper. Others we’ll be chatting about at a later date are prefolds with covers, fitteds, all in ones and all in twos, and hybrid diapers (I know, right?). But seriously, pocket diapers are basically all my family uses. We have probably 40 of them and love them.

Pros of pocket diapers: 
-Easy to use! Daycare and daddy friendly!
-Easy to wash. Some pocket diapers even have a feature that allows your washing machine to agitate the insert out, meaning you don’t have to pull the insert out of the shell before washing.
– You can adjust the absorbancy by adding more inserts (for nighttime, for example).
– They come in stinkin cute designs!
– You can buy 1 set that lasts birth to potty training..and then through another kid!
Cons of pocket diapers:
– The can be costly. Cheaper ones run about $10 a piece, more expensive ones around $17
– You have to stuff the inserts in to use the diaper. You can stuff right out of the dryer, or you can stuff as you go.
-The elastic in the legs can get relaxed (but that can happen with all kinds of diapers and covers).
– Can be difficult to get a good fit on tiny babies. It also takes a bit of experimenting to see how different brands fit your baby. 
There are many different brands of cloth diapers out there, and those brands run the gammet in terms of cost per diaper. Our most FAVORITE brand to use is BumGenius brand diapers. The diaper in the pictures above is a BumGenius. We think they’re sturdy, rarely leak, and fit our kiddos from about 1 month on. Our first set of Bumgenius was used on Noah for 18 months, and now we use them for BOTH kids. Definitely got our money’s worth there. Another popular brand of pocket diaper is the Fuzzibunz diaper. Kawaii, Charlie Banana, Rumperooz, Blueberry, Alva, and Sunbaby are some more. 
I, personally, like the idea of shopping for cloth diapers from Work at Home Mom shops. You won’t really see these shops advertised, but some of them make AWESOME diapers for great prices. And with WAHM shops, you know exactly where your money is going: Into the hands of a momma! I like that idea, as opposed to some of the other cloth diaper companies that are based in other countries like China (NOT ALL, but some). 
One WAHM shop I like in particular is Jemma Belle’s Workshop. Yall, talk about CUTE cloth diapers! She makes adorable custom pocket diapers and sent me one to try on my littles. We loved it! It is an adorable Halloween print that Noah loves. The inside of the diaper is super soft against baby’s skin, and the insert that she includes with her diapers is super absorbant. I highly recommend checking out her shop if you’re interested in diapering. Tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures of my littles in different pocket diapers so you can check out the different fits of different brands, and I’ll be including a picture of them in a an A.C.E. Fluff diaper from Jemma Belle’s Workshop. When you check out her shop you’ll see just how much hard work goes into making these custom diapers. (Check her out after 8AM on Friday, when she’ll be restocking her shop!) I love supporting work at home mommas, and Jessica is SO sweet and hardworking! 
Our giveaway this week is for an A.C.E Fluff diaper from Jemma Belle’s Workshop. The diaper she’ll make for you is a one-size pocket diaper with wing to wing print, with a suedecloth inner and a 3 layer bamboo insert. The perfect diaper to grow with your baby! Enter to win through the Rafflecopter below! (ALSO, sidenote, her Facebook page is having a giveaway when you like it you’ll have a chance to win ANOTHER diaper!). 
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