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Another successful week of weight loss this week…followed by a super annoying running injury this weekend.

So, the majority of the time that I run I run on an indoor track. A very small indoor track. As in…..16 laps equal 1 mile small. Running 10 minute miles I’m constantly turning a corner, basically. Last week I started to have some slight knee pain after my runs but I brushed it off and assumed I just needed new shoes. Today I started a 4 mile run and made it through 2.5 miles before I just HAD to stop! My knee was throbbing and the pain was radiating up my thigh. I could barely walk to my car and by the time I got home I was dragging my left leg up the stairs.

As the evening wore on the pain started to lessen, but I knew something wasn’t right. I got to Googling (you know, poor girl’s doctor) and found tons of information and stories about runners that had the exact same pain I did, and it was an IT Band injury (illiotbial band). Basically what it sounds like happened to me was that running in a counter-clockwise manner on the indoor track made my inside leg (my left leg) turn and swin g improperly (falling inward on impact). I need to start running outside while doing some specific stretches to stretch and work out that IT Band. This needs to happen QUICK, I have a 5k to run on Saturday and I could barely make it through 2.5 miles today. Booo. I even cut back my running this week from 20 miles (last week) to 10 miles. Didn’t help. I just need to get off the track and brave the cold (and dogs that chase me).

Also, I have diastasis recti. Basically my abs have a 4 finger wide gap between them from multiple c-sections and babies. When I lay on the ground and put my hand on my belly button then do a crunch I can literally squeeze my hand between my abs (how gross is that?). Doing any ab work will make it WORSE (what, will my abs just move to my back?) so I can’t do any of that. It’s pretty embarassing to be in a fitness mayhem class and have to sit out of the ab stuff (plus I look like a major wimp). So I did some jumping jacks during abs…which probably made me look even more ridiculous. Eugh. haha. Anyway, my body is falling apart! I have to do a bunch of different PT activities to fix the ab thing.

This week I made some changes to my diet. I had been eating a great whole food lunch of a spinach wrap with black beans and a bit of brown rice. For dinners I would have somethint equally healthy that usuaully included a carb. This week, however, I started eating 2 eggs for lunch with a couple pieces of turkey bacon. Boom, weight falling off again! Carbs are not good for me, apparently. I highly suggest that anyone struggling to lose a few lbs lay off the carbs. Limit yourself to 1-2 servings per day (a serving is a slice of bread, mind you. One slice). I bet you’ll see improvement in your weight loss quickly!

This week I lost 3 more lbs, bringing the total weight lost since June to 63 lbs! Only 7 more lbs to go to goal #1 and 18 more lbs to goal #2!

Since losing all of this weight and eating only whole, clean foods my blood pressure has improved drastically. When I was 200 lbs at the end of my pregnancy I had heart problems (palpatations, premature valve closures, etc) and my blood pressure hung out at 140/90. Yesterday my blood pressure was 100/65! Healthy things happening people, healthy things!

Have you noticed any changes in your health since you started working out and eating healthier?




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