Sharing is Caring

I. Hate. Clutter. Seriously, it drives me insane. But let’s face it, with 2 kids running around nobody has time to excessively organize their life. Eventually we all get those little piles of junk…or fill up a “junk drawer”…or demolish a closet.

We had a closet that was supposed to be our “towel” closet and it ended up being so full of random crap that we couldn’t fit our towels in there. I came across this idea and it has worked SWIMMINGLY 😉

1. Get a clear over the door shoe organizer from WalMart (or your store of choice..mine was $6 at Walmart).

2. Hang it over the closet door and clear all of the JUNK off of your shelves, putting it into the little sleeves of the shoe organizer. Now, when you need to find something that was shoved into the closet, it is CAKE! And the towel closet can be used for..well..TOWELS. Imagine that.

                    If you have extra room you can also go ahead and unjunk those junk drawers!

                                     Do you have any tips for decluttering your space? Share!




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