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I get this question ALL THE TIME. “Ew, you use cloth diapers?!” Mmmm. Yep. And they sure aren’t your grandma’s cloth diapers anymore!

We were introduced to cloth diapering by my fellow November 2010 mommy, Justina.  My husband and I were eating dinner with a group of my November mommies when my husband whispered to me, “Why is her baby’s butt so big…..?” HAH. Neither of us had ever seen a baby wearing cloth diapers before. Her little guy was sporting a BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper. I understand that for most people, that is GREEK. It was for us too. But the more we researched cloth diapers the more interested we became. Phillip was TOTALLY on board, which made it even more exciting for me. (He kept saying, “Justina’s husband is if he can do it I can do it too.”).  It also didn’t hurt that we would be saving MAD money by switching to cloth diapers. Here’s the cost breakdown for you:

Average number of diapers a 0-7 month old breastfed baby goes through a day:  10-12 (a freakin lot).
Average cost of a box of size 2 Pampers Baby Dry, which contains 42 diapers: $10 (
Averages out to $.22 per diaper.
Cost to diaper a baby for 1 week: $18.50
Cost to diaper baby for 1 month: $73.92

In my experience, babies go through 10-12 diapers a day until they’re about 6-7 months old. At that point, it might dwindle down to 7ish.

Cost to diaper baby for the first 7 months of their life: $517.44 (whoa)

You just spent $517.44 on diapers that you threw in the trash can. Congratulations.

But wait, there’s more. The average age for a boy to potty train is 31 months. So, you have 24 months left to diaper your child (give or take). At 7 diapers a day costing $.22 per diaper, you have $1108.00 more coming out of your pocket.

Total cost to disposable diaper 1 kid until potty training: $1,625. 
Total cost to disposable diaper 2 kids until potty training: $3,250

Ta Da. You could reasonably spend $1,625 to diaper your kid with disposables. And your $1,625 is sitting in a landfill somewhere. YIKES. Keep in mind, that is only one kid. If you choose to use disposables then you can go ahead and double that number for 2 kids.

That is a WHOLE LOT of  money. Like, college tuition lot of money. Many of you probably know our situation, but Phillip is a high school teacher and I am a full time graduate student (and stay at home mom). We definitely don’t have money to just throw into a landfill. This is 90% of the reason that cloth diapering was so attractive to us. Here is the cost breakdown of what we’ve spent to diaper TWO kids:

When we decided to cloth diaper Noah, we bought  15 one-size adjustable diapers at a cost of $15 each: $225 investment

When Peyton was born, we bought him 20 newborn cloth diapers for $100. When he grew out of them we sold them for $80. Total cost to us: $20

We then bought 20 more of the diapers we already had for Noah at $15 each: $300 investment

Total cost to diaper 2 kids until potty training:  $525

And here’s the KICKER…If we keep the diapers in good condition, we can turn around and sell them for AT LEAST half of retail (they’re a very popular brand of diaper)…So we’ll make at least $200 off of the diapers, bringing our grand total to $325 to cloth diaper our 2 kids.

So, that’s my number 1 argument for cloth diapering. We even bought the high-end brand of cloth diapers. There are tons of brands out there, some that sell for as little as $10.

A lot of people think cloth diapering is the most disgusting thing ever. Let’s be honest people. Even if you use disposable diapers, you have your hands in poop half of the time. Cloth diapering is no more disgusting than disposable diapering. For a disposable diaper you clean it up and throw it in the trash can. For a poopy cloth diaper you clean it up, rinse it in the toilet with your diaper sprayer (that is attached to the toilet…we’ll talk more about accessories later), and throw it in a wetbag. No more disgusting than a disposable, and it doesn’t make your house smell bad (which is a rumor floating around…).  In my opinion it can smell BETTER than a house that uses disposables, because the poop gets flushed. It doesn’t just sit around in a diaper in the trash can until someone decides to take it out.

Anyway, enough poop talk. The next month’s blogs will focus on EVERYTHING cloth diapering. Different types of diapers, different brands, different retailers, different detergents, different accessories…the whole shabang. I hope you’ll stick around to learn a little somethin somethin! 😉




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