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On Monday, Noah and I set off to do our first random act of kindness, part of our #26RandomActs Challenge! With the help of a few friends (thanks Monica and Beth!!), we adopted an angel from our YMCA angel tree :) Our angel was a 7 year old boy who asked for school supplies, hats, scarves, and socks. 

On Monday Noah and I dropped off a big white bag full of goodies for our little angel (and a smaller bag of new baby toys for the YMCA to add to someone else’s bag). Noah carried the little bag of toys in and handed it to the girl behind the counter. I explained to him (just as I did when we were shopping for the angel) that we were giving toys and gifts to another little boy. He just smiled and nodded, like he competely understood. He didn’t have any problem handing over a big bag of toys, so I was super proud. I thought surely he would want to keep them!

 I was able to snap a few pictures of our trip :)

In addition to our random act of kindness #1, I made an effort to say YES to Noah as many times as I could on Monday. I started to realize how much time I spend every day telling him “No.” Lots of unnecessary, “no”‘s too….because I didn’t feel like it, couldn’t be bothered with it, was too tired, didn’t want to clean up a mess, he didn’t need it, etc. etc etc. I started to think about how short and precious life is, and how I don’t want to fill up Noah’s little life with “NO.” So, I’m making an effort to say “YES!” as often as possible.

 (Don’t  get all crazy telling me I’m going to spoil him, that every kid needs to hear no, that every kid needs discipline. Obviously I’m not going to just let him jump off the roof and run screaming through the house dumping a cereal trail because I don’t want to tell him “no.” I just mean that when it really ISN’T  big deal…I plan to say YES!). 

Yes, we can read right now. 
Yes, I’ll sit beside you and watch Power Rangers. 
Yes, you can have another hershey kiss.
Yes, mommy will lay in bed with you until you fall asleep. 
Yes, I’ll play choo choos for the 100th time today. 

Just say yes.

Here are some pictures of things I said, “yes” to on Monday. You’d be surprised how many battles can be avoided and how many meltdowns you don’t have to deal with if you just say “yes” sometimes :)




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