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Mommy nightmares are the absolute WORST!

Since I was pregnant with Noah I’ve had terrible dreams about him drowning. I used to have these dreams probably 3 times a night and they are incredibly graphic and real. Now they’ve dwindled down to maybe twice a month, but it’s always the same dream. He goes missing, we all go to look for him, and find him in water. It is horrific, and I can never go back to sleep or get the dream (or images) out of my head.

 Because of these dreams I am completely psychotic about my kid around water. I never leave the room when he’s in the bathtub and if I happen to need a towel out of the hall closet I run like a mad woman and run back. Noah’s grandparents have a pool and when we’re at their house I’m constantly following him around because I’m terrified that he’s going to open the door and run out into the pool and I’ll find him later (they even have a lock and a gate to their deck..but still!). When he’s there without me I call and text to check on him 100 times (probably much to the dismay of my poor inlaws, haha) because I’m so afraid of that pool.

 There is absolutely no way on Earth I’d let anyone take him swimming without me or let him go to the beach or to a house that has a pool without me. Not because I think his family members are irresponsible, but because the entire time he was gone I would be a wreck with worry. Once you see those images in your head (even if it was in a dream) you never ever want to imagine them happening in real life, and momma bear will do anything to make sure something terrible like that never happens. I know it’s completely silly, but those dreams are terrifying and so real!

 Eugh. I just wanted to share…I keep having the same drowning dream about Noah and I just wish they’d stop!

 Am I a crazy lady or do other mommies have dreams like this too?




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