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We had a great Christmas here in North Carolina :) We made plans to spend Christmas at the beach with my family, so we had our own little family Christmas at home the week before Christmas. There were way too many gifts (some large gifts) to try to take EVERYTHING to the beach for Christmas day. Plus, we wanted to start some of our own little traditions :) It worked out well.

I think in the future we’ll probably just do one Christmas and stay home for it. Having our celebration the week before kind of took the tradition out of the holiday for us, and we ended up spending more money than we would have had we just stayed home (stocking stuffers x2, gas, meals while traveling, sight seeing while traveling, etc).The boys are so little that they really didn’t know the difference though, and Noah was very excited that Santa came TWICE!

The boys had a great time visiting their grandparents at the beach, and we did some fun sight-seeing stuff while we were there! When Noah was 7 months old we took him to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, so it was only right that we take Peyton at 7 months too. The boys loved it. We even got a chance to take the same picture with Peyton this month that we took with Noah a year and a half ago! I thought Noah would enoy the ferry ride to the aquarium way more than he did. I think he was tired and it was naptime. We only lasted about an hour at the aquarium before he was throwing himself on the floor with temper tantrums and acting like a crazy person, but it was fun while it lasted! The aquarium was really nice…and even had Santa swimming with the fishes. One big perk was the outdoor play area they just put in for kids. Noah enjoyed himself..until he started hitting other kids and it was time to go! Hah.

<------- Noah, 2011                                                            Noah, 2012---------->

                                     <------Peyton, 2012

^ Noah, 2011                                                                 ^ Noah, 2012                                        

Overall we had a great trip! I ate horribly the entire time, however. Lots of fast food, cookies, and candy. I thought surely when I got back I’d weigh myself and cry. I didn’t gain any weight though! Miraculously. I also didn’t get any runs in while we were there…no motivation! I’ve hit the ground running (hah, literally) since we got home though and am right back on track. 5 Miles since yesterday. WooHoo!

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!




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