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  Finding the right cloth diaper detergent has seriously been one of the MOST stressful parts of cloth diapering. Everyone has told me to use something different and everyone has their own horror story about a detergent that created cloth diapering CHAOS for them.

 “Tide made my diapers repel….they leak ALL the time!…” ” Charlie’s Soap gave my baby the WORST RASH!”…..” “Tiny Bubbles is USELESS!”

I seriously lost sleep over what to wash these diapers in. I’ve spent countless hours on message boards and Google trying to figure out what’s best (That might sound silly…but these diapers aren’t CHEAP, so I didn’t want to ruin them!).

The fact is, you probably can’t ruin your diapers from washing them in an “incorrect” soap. There ARE cloth diaper detergents, but they can be pricey. A lot of people use some regular detergents and swear by them! (DISCLAIMER: Using anything that is not marketed as specifically cloth diaper friendly CAN void your diaper’s warranty! Generally anything with brighteners, additives, scents, and softeners will void your warranty). 

You can cause some issues for yourself, like detergent build up and repelling (leaking) by washing cloth diapers  incorrectly, but you figure that out with trial and error.

I generally only use pocket diapers with microfiber or hemp inserts (confused? You’ll learn more about them and other types of diapers in a few blogs from now). My washing routine looks like this:

1. Rinse poopy diapers with the diaper sprayer, throw in wet bag until laundry day (every other day..but remember, I have 2 in diapers too) 

2. Run the diapers through a cold rinse cycle (on large load setting..I want enough water to really rinse these diapers). 

3. Add 1/2 cup of tide, do a hot wash on the MEDIUM load setting (I want enough friction to CLEAN the diapers). 

4. Do another cold rinse. 

5. Either hang the diapers to dry if it’s sunny or throw them in the dryer (Beware…I’ve already had to replace all of the elastic in my first set of BumGenius because I dried them in the dryer every time). I have a folding laundry hanger thing that I  hang my diapers over (we don’t have a clothes line). 

6. When the diapers are dry AND COOLED off, I stuff the pocket diapers with inserts and throw them in a basket until I use them. If you stuff your pockets immediately out of the dryer, you’ll stretch the leg elastic and eventually have to replace it…which is costly and, frankly, sucks.

What type of detergent do I use? Ohhh, little bit of everything! In a bind I’ll wash my diapers with regular blue Dawn dish soap. Just a few squirts (only when I run out of detergent, though). We tried Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soap and our diapers came out smelling like FISH. It was AWFUL. We’ve tried something called Tiny Bubbles, which we were pleased with.Lately, for cost reasons, we’ve switched to using plain old powder Tide (which was highly recommended by a lot of cloth diapering mommas). We’re happy with the results of using the Tide, but are having an issue with the ammonia smell of diapers mixing with the scent of Tide.Overall, you need to expect that your diapers will not come out smelling pretty. Ideally, they come out smelling like NOTHING.

Recently, we reached out to Rockin Green detergent about trying some of their product. They were generous enough to send us a few samples to try..and we love Rockin Green! Their product is infused with a bit of NATURAL scent that adds a little somethin somethin to your boring laundry routine. I did notice that I had to use a bit more detergent than required, but I also probably wash more diapers in 1 load than the recommended number. Our diapers came out smelling like nothing (WIN!). We’re fans!

Rockin Green is also GREAT for diapers that are suffering from the “stinkies.” Some diapers, after a while, just get a bit of a smell to them that you can’t seem to get out with normal washing. We’ve had this problem lately with overnight diapers. We used one of our Rockin Green samples to “soak” our diapers. We ran the diapers through a rinse cycle, then started a hot wash cycle. When the tub filled up, we left the lid open so that the cycle didn’t actually start. We added some Rockin Green and let the diapers soak in the hot water and Rockin Green overnight. The next morning we closed the lid and let the diapers wash and rinse like usual, then hung them in the sun the next day to dry. Stinkies GONE! It was amazing. We highly recommend this detergent! There are different formulas of this detergent that work best with the type of water you have. For example, Hard Rock formula is for hard water. We’ve been using Classic Rock, formulated for neither soft nor hard water.

*DISCLAIMER…if you decide to leave your washer lid open and the tub full of water, you need to be aware of where your littles are AT ALL TIMES! Keep the laundry room door shut and ensure that your littles can’t accidentally fall into the washer!!*

In addition to letting us try some product, Rockin Green has also agreed to give away a FULL SIZE bag of detergent!! How AWESOME are they?! You can choose any formula and scent that you want! You can enter through this Rafflecopter form! The giveaway opens at 12:00AM on December 19th and will stay open until Dec 26 at 11:59 PM :)
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