15 REAL Ways to Earn Money Right Now


Starting to ‘work from home’ can seem daunting, challenging, and any other form of -ing words that just plain suck.

BUT! It doesn’t have to be. Working from home can be very rewarding and give you true freedom. It will take some work to get there, and the saying of ‘it takes money to make money’ is, unfortunately true. Not all of us have that money laying around

In fact, odds are, if you are looking at this article, you need money before you can put some money out (we all do, don’t worry, you’re not alone)

That is why, I want to share with you some ways that you can make money RIGHT NOW. As in, you will start seeing $$ accumulate and deposit into either PayPal or your bank account soon (oftentimes within the week).

Now, don’t get too excited. Most of this is ‘gas money’ type of payments. But something is better than nothing, and when you have a dream you are working for, anything can help. So, let’s get to it:

  1. Sell your crafts. Look, I know we’ve all heard of Etsy. But I’m not here to talk about that. In my honest and humble opinion, Etsy is overrun right now. And isn’t the place to go. Know where is? Pinterest. Say what? Yup. Shopify will let you sell right on Pinterest. And that’s just awesome. PLUS, you get a two week free trial to give it a go, and see if you like it. How cool is that? (note that link is an affiliate link so I may get a commission if you sign up. However, I’d recommend them anyway)

  2. Fiverr. Fiverr gets some rough talk because you can buy and sell stuff for, well, $5 and some people feel that can really put a damper on how people view the worth of such skills as logo design. BUT! I feel like it’s great for those of us that need a quick buck and if you have something you don’t mind doing for a nominal fee, it’s a great way to get started. And, with Fiverr, you can have ‘add-ons’ to your gig, so you can turn a $5 pre-made logo gig into a $500 custom gig easily, if you can upsell the client.

  3. Micro-Task Micro-tasking is a simple, easy, way to start earning some extra $$ right away. With many services, you can sign up and be completing tasks and earning money as soon as the same day. Which is just bomb, in my opinion. Some great places to micro-task are: Amazon Mechanical Turk– You will be doing things like web searches, etc CrowdSource-You can both write and do microtasks here User-lytics– this one has you testing websites and applications for usability

  4. Listen to Music Wait, what? YUP! There are two sites that have you listen to music and you will GET PAID for doing so. Crazy, I know. But, it’s great. And awesome. And I love it. SliceThePieMusicXray

  5. Sell Photos Online So, stock photo sites have pictures aplenty of things like sunsets, sunrises, and nature. BUT they are always looking for pictures that involve people and animals. If you think you can pull it off, by all means, head on over to sites like: ShutterStockDepositPhotos

  6. Freelance it Freelancing on sites that help you find gigs can sometimes get a bad rap because you aren’t ‘doing it on your own’ or whatever (I don’t know why that’s even an argument) but at any rate, real money can be earned doing it. Like, real REAL money. So, some of the places I’ve had success are: UpWorkFreeLancer

  7. Yard Sale/Garage sale Y’all knew it was coming, didn’t you? Yeah, you did. This just wouldn’t be a ‘make money right now’ post without it.

  8. Sell Gift Cards So we all have that family member who says ‘oh my God it’s Christmas Eve and the party is tomorrow’ and then rushes to Wal Mart and loads up on gift cards to give to people. You may or may not use them. If you fall into the latter category, you can sell them on places like cardwoo.com and they will pay upwards of 90% of the actual price, which is basically free money for you friend.

  9. Plasma donation You can donate plasma up to twice a week, and get up to $30 each time. That’s an extra $60 per week right there and some places pay even higher. For real for real, that’s a cell phone bill payment if I ever saw one

  10. Be a Guinea Pig Do you have a local university? They are all the time looking for people to participate in medical and psychological surveys. Go ahead and do it. We’re all a little messed up anyway, so whats the worst that can happen? (note, if you get totally screwed up doing this, I’m am SOOOO not responsible for that. I’m just saying)

  11. Be a Hair/Art Model That same university may also be looking for art models, and sometimes standing half naked in front of a bunch of half-baked college kids trying to figure out what they want to major in is less dangerous than being a medical guinea pig (but both pay so both hit this list)

  12. Craigslist ‘ETC’ jobs. Some are scams, sure. BUT! Many are not. And they can pay some good $$ if you find one. Just keep in mind: Nigeria does not send princes to the US to give you money (sorry) If they want your SSN/Bank acct#/Routing number/Mothers maiden name/etc, just say no If they ask for money, no If they want to pay you in Western Union or ‘Certified Check’, no. If your gut says no, you also should say no

  13. Sell on Ebay This one may require some upfront cashage if you don’t have anything on hand to sell, but hitting up your local goodwill/salvation army/yard sale/flea market and putting some elbow grease into a piece you find is a solid way to get some funds

  14. Do tasks for people Places like TaskRabbit are always on the look out for great people to complete tasks set forth by busy people, usually entrepreneurs that needs a few tasks done and don’t want to hire out a full-time VA…speaking of

  15. VA This one I save for last because it’s a job all on it’s own and it requires a lot of work if you are going to be doing it full time. HOWEVER, there are places who looking for temporary/part-time/one off job VAs that will pay you enough to get by in an emergency

So, this list is NOT comprehensive. Nor is it meant to replace a full-time income. This is a ‘oh sh*t’ list, if you will. Or a dream funder list. Something that pays some bills while your dream is realized. Or pays for your ad account/membership site dues/group program fees to get you going.

Either way, it’s a list of ways to make money, ASAP, for those that need it.

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